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PW-29 Strings Two-Point-Oh

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Project Size: 72" x 72"

Enjoy the creative freedoms of any genre of fabric... full on scrappy or carefully planned color scheme... the potential is endless. Modern results from the some what simple traditiona roots of "string piecing". Variety in the string fabrics for the diamonds/pinwheels plays a key roll! Gary/Taupe...Purple/Green... Warm/Cool. Part of our "Stringz Theory" seriez

1... Background
Variety of fabrics for Diamonds
Variety of fabrics for Pinwheels
1... binding

PWT- 1 Acrylic Template recommended for this pattern... other patterns that use this Template ... PW - 12, PW - 26, PW - 31

**PWT-2 is our Large Template... its "smallest" marking size can be used for this project... If you prefer to do typically "Larger" type project you may want to purchase PWT-2 with your pattern... and check out some of our other pattern that use it as well...PW - 30, PW - 32, PW - 33 

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